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This body of drawings and lithographs focuses on exploring the recesses of space and our (and other) universes, and the cosmic forces that reside in deep space and creating a relationship between those larger energies and myself as a queer, non-binary individual. With each drawing or lithograph, exists a journal entry that I write either in response to, or with the intention of relating to the later drawing. For example, I am particularly drawn to comets and their existence in our galaxy, as comets are one of the most difficult cosmic forces to map. Their paths are often sporadic, unmappable, unpredictable, and their behavior is poorly understood. I find this parallels my path as a queer individual, as my journey has left me at odds and ends; I find my desire is to be closer to something with a stronger gravitational pull, only to find that inevitably tears me apart. 


Beauty in misunderstanding.

Much of this body of work explores finding that energy and in-between that the universe puts out for us. The energies that surround us, whether we feel them or not, and it dives head on into the unknown, searching for the truth that is out there. Hope in the uncharted. We revolve around the unknown, spinning through space unaware of the physical and emotional energies we exude. We are simply in an        in-between space, and exploring these spaces in-between and the space in which we “live” within ourselves and acknowledging discomfort in the unknown, of the existence of something cosmically bigger than us. Finding your place within a bigger universe and becoming one with the wavelengths of energy is something that I hope will help as we find where comfortable is and how to navigate the uncomfortable.


fig 9: occultation of the pleiades by the moon

graphite on handmade paper

fig 41-b: galaxy NGC 5907

stone lithograph and silkscreen on handmade paper


fig 32: NGC 891 in the Andromeda Galaxy

stone lithograph


fig. 7; exoplanet proxima centauri b
graphite on handmade pape


fig. 26 & 27: universal center

graphite on handmade hemp paper


fig. 18: castor & pollux of the gemini constellation

graphite on handmade paper


fig. 46: The Great Attractor

stone lithograph on handmade paper


I & II; mercury
graphite on handmade paper


fig. 19: cancer

graphite on handmade paper


fig. 6 neptune

graphite on handmade paper


fig. 17: pluto

graphite on handmade paper


fig. 45 & 46: comet 46P/Wirtanen

graphite and charcoal on handmade paper


fig. 2: comet ISON

graphite on handmade paper

fig. 14: eclipse 

graphite on handmade paper


fig. 34; exoplanet GJ 15 A b
graphite on handmade paper 


fig. 38 & 39; halley's comet
graphite on handmade hemp paper


fig. 38 & 39; halley's comet
graphite on handmade hemp paper


fig. 21; solar eclipse
graphite on handmade paper

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