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The Lovers

Manière Noire and Acid Tint Lithograph

20" x 16"


Manière Noire is a reductive technique where a "tint field" is applied to a prepared litho stone and then worked into subtractively using an exacto blade, steel wool, burnishers or scrapers-anything abrasive. The stone is then carefully processed and printed using a traditional, manually-operated lithography press.

Acid Tinting is a similarly reductive technique where a greasy tint field is applied to the stone, but then is worked into slowly using different strengths of nitric acid solutions. In this print, the trees were drawn first over the tint field using a water insoluble litho crayon that acted as a resist when the acid solutions were applied. The same techniqued was used in the text in this image. 


Limited edition of 30


This Lithograph is Titled, Editioned, and Signed by the artist.

The Lovers

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